On-line Process Elemental Analysis

Using Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence or X-ray Transmission

Multi-element EDXRF (XRF) Process Analyzer

Featuring advanced energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) technology, the NEX OL represents the next evolution of process elemental analysis for liquid stream and fixed position web or coil applications. Designed to span from heavy industrial through to food-grade process gauging solutions, NEX OL is configurable for use in both classified and non-classified areas.

The Rigaku NEX OL provides rapid, non-destructive, multi-element analyses, from parts-per-million (ppm) levels to high weight percent (wt%) concentrations, for aluminum (Al) through uranium (U).

Process Sulfur Analysis by X-ray Transmission (XRT)

Featuring third-generation X-ray transmission technology, the Rigaku NEX XT represents the next evolution of process gauge for sulfur measurement (0.02% to 6% S) of crude, bunker fuel, fuel oils, and other highly viscous hydrocarbons, including residuums.

Applications for NEX XT include bunker fuel blending to meet MARPOL Annex VI sulfur restrictions, interface detection of different grade fuels delivered via pipelines, refinery feedstock blending and monitoring, and the quality monitoring of crude at remote collection and storage facilities.

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