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Catalyst Recovery

EDXRF for Spent Catalyst Recycling & Catalyst Recovery Processes

Elemental Analysis for Screening & Monitoring Precious Metals Catalyst

Catalysts used on a large scale in petroleum refining and petrochemical processes contain precious metals, such as platinum (Pt), palladium (Pd), ruthenium (Ru), and rhodium (Rh). These metals are known as platinum group metals (PGMs) and are extremely valuable. Precious metal-bearing catalysts speed up chemical reactions and are also used in automotive catalytic converters to help reduce pollution. When recovering and recycling precious metals, quick, accurate, and cost-effective determination of PGMs is required. Applied Rigaku Technologies offers benchtop and on-line solutions for fast and reliable analysis.

Benchtop EDXRF for Spent Catalysts & Catalyst Recovery Processes

Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) analysis offers unique advantages over other analysis techniques. Rigaku EDXRF analyzers provide quick, non-destructive multi-element analysis, giving users highly precise and immediate knowledge of PGMs. Rigaku EDXRF benchtop spectrometers are easy to use, require minimal sample preparation, and offer a low cost of ownership. The Rigaku NEX DE is an ideal tool for spent catalyst recycling and catalyst recovery processes.

On-line EDXRF for Catalyst Recovery in Liquid Streams

For on-line, real-time analysis, NEX OL delivers rapid, non-destructive, multi-element analyses from per million (ppm) levels to weight percent (wt%) concentrations in liquid process streams. Determine rhodium (Rh), platinum (Pt), palladium (Pd), and more.

Our Guarantee

Applied Rigaku Technologies offers a 2-year warranty on all EDXRF spectrometers it produces. This industry-leading manufacturer’s warranty shows our commitment to quality and displays our dedication to maximizing uptime for our customer’s processes and applications.

Specializing in at-line and in-line analytical solutions, Applied Rigaku Technologies’ robust designs use quality materials, and our employees take pride in their craft. If a warranty-related deficiency happens, we are quick to respond. Common warranty plans often do not extend past a year, making this coverage a testament to the overall excellence of Rigaku EDXRF products and services.

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