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Petroleum Analysis

Petroleum Analysis for Measurement of Sulfur, Chlorine, Metals, and More in Crude, Oils, Fuels, and Lubricants

Analysis of Petroleum and Petrochemical Products

Benchtop Solutions | Process Control Solutions

Applied Rigaku Technologies specializes in benchtop EDXRF and process elemental analyzers for the non-destructive analysis of petroleum and petroleum products. Our instruments serve upstream and midstream for in-field use and downstream for refineries and commercial labs.

Rigaku EDXRF (energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence) instruments offer solutions for various petroleum analysis applications. They serve many screening and monitoring needs for the petroleum and petrochemical industries and meet compliance with multiple testing methods and standards.

Sulfur Analysis with Multi-element Versatility

Rigaku EDXRF analyzers are capable of measuring more than just sulfur. Using a single instrument, they offer the flexibility and reliability needed to monitor sulfur, chlorine, metals, and other critical elements. Energy dispersive XRF is a well-established technique for testing petroleum and petrochemical products, from the quantification of heavy elements in crude oil to sulfur in fuels to a variety of elements in lubricating oils. Rigaku EDXRF analyzers allow users to quickly adapt to future petroleum applications and replace the need for multiple single-element benchtops.


Petroleum Analysis by EDXRF — Analyze for Sulfur and Other Elements

Rigaku EDXRF benchtops are well-suited for measuring sulfur in crude oil per ASTM D4294, metals in crude and residual fuel oils per ASTM D8252, and chlorine in crude per ASTM D4929 — all test methods with one instrument. Systems include the compact NEX QC Series for routine quality control needs, the advanced NEX DE for more demanding workflows, and the powerful NEX CG II indirect excitation analyzer for complex applications and research.

Rigaku NEX QC+ elemental analyzer

NEX QC Series combine superior performance capabilities with affordability. These instruments are lightweight, compact, and do not require an external PC. The intuitive touchscreen interface, built-in printer, and optional portable roller case make these instruments easy to use and convenient. Whether on the plant floor or in remote field environments, these analyzers are ideal for measuring sulfur in crude and performing other petroleum-related applications.

Additionally, NEX QC is ideal for measuring sulfur in oils by ASTM D4294 (also methods ISO 20847, ISO 8754, IP 496, IP 336, and JIS K 2541-4) and lead in gasoline by ASTM D5059. The NEX QC+ model delivers compliance with the ISO 13032 sulfur method for ULSD (ultra-low sulfur diesel).

Rigaku NEX DE elemental analyzerThe NEX DE high-performance spectrometer delivers rapid elemental analysis for petroleum testing — analyze sulfur, vanadium, iron, and nickel in crude, residual oil, bunker fuels, and other heavy hydrocarbon oils. Specifically, NEX DE offers quick ASTM D8252-19 compliance of nickel and vanadium, measuring chlorine by ASTM D4929 Part C, and much more.

All-in-One Petroleum Analysis Analyzer — Ultra-low Sulfur Analysis and More

Rigaku NEX CG II elemental analyzerNEX CG II is a highly versatile all-in-one petroleum analyzer offering fast, reliable measuring and monitoring for ultra-low and trace element concentrations up to percent levels. Unlike conventional EDXRF instruments, NEX CG II is an indirect excitation system using secondary targets rather than tube filters. Monochromatic and polarized excitation from secondary targets in full 90° Cartesian Geometry eliminates background noise and results in exceptionally low detection limits.

NEX CG II provides exceptional performance for ASTM and international compliance for ultra-low sulfur applications, such as testing ultra-low sulfur in diesel and meeting Tier 3 gasoline requirements per ASTM D7220. Furthermore, NEX CG II delivers the lowest chlorine detection limits for ASTM D4929 compliance using Part C methodology and easily meets ASTM D5059 Parts A and C using the Bi internal standard method to measure lead in gasoline samples.

On-line, Real-time Petroleum Analysis Solutions

Rigaku NEX XT offers high-level total sulfur measurement (0.02% to 6% S) of crude, bunker fuel, fuel oils, and other highly viscous hydrocarbons, including residuums. This versatile, compact, and robust X-ray transmission/absorption (XRT/XRA) process gauge is specifically optimized for the total sulfur analysis needs of refineries, pipelines, blending operations, bunkering terminals, and other storage facilities.

Also offered is the NEX OL process analyzer for liquid stream applications. NEX OL is configurable for use in classified and non-classified areas and can analyze from aluminum to uranium. It is ideal for monitoring cobalt, manganese, and bromine catalysts in PTA and catalyst in liquid streams.

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