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Silicone Coatings

EDXRF / XRF for Silicone Coat Weight

Si Coatings Analysis for Web Applications

EDXRF, a primary type of XRF (X-ray fluorescence), has long been a familiar technology for release coatings, converters, vacuum-formed plastics manufacturers, and other industries using silicone oils as barrier layers, release coatings, or denesting agents. XRF is a standard technique employed across the Si coatings industry to determine coating weight, thickness, and composition. EDXRF (energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence) instruments are easy to use and offer low cost of ownership.

Silicone coatings applied to paper and plastic substrates modify the release characteristics of a product like labels or packaging. If too little silicone is applied or if there are areas of the web where the silicone coating is missing, the adhesive release properties will be adversely affected in release applications, or the denesting characteristics of the vacuum-formed plastic will be compromised. These circumstances can cause product rejection or disruption in manufacturing and other downstream processes. If too much silicone is applied, the cost of the manufactured roll increases, reducing profitability and, in some cases, impacting acceptance and performance of the end product.

Applied Rigaku Technologies specializes in benchtop and process EDXRF spectrometers. Our products serve web applications with the ability to perform real-time silicone coat weight analysis.

Our Guarantee

Applied Rigaku Technologies offers a 2-year warranty on all EDXRF spectrometers it produces. This industry-leading manufacturer’s warranty shows our commitment to quality and displays our dedication to maximizing uptime for our customer’s processes and applications.

Specializing in at-line and in-line analytical solutions, Applied Rigaku Technologies’ robust designs use quality materials, and our employees take pride in their craft. If a warranty-related deficiency happens, we are quick to respond. Common warranty plans often do not extend past a year, making this coverage a testament to the overall excellence of Rigaku EDXRF products and services.

Benchtop EDXRF for Si Coat Weight Analysis

NEX QC+ Si on Paper

For rapid and accurate at-line solutions, the NEX QC Series benchtop EDXRF analyzers enable the measurement of very low silicone coating weights and metal catalysts in silicone coatings, all with one instrument. Challenging applications that were either marginal or not possible with earlier technologies are now a reality.

By simply placing a test coupon in the analysis chamber, the NEX QC Series EDXRFs provide QC technicians with an ideal tool for quickly checking silicone coating thickness and composition. Specially designed for QC, the NEX QC Series analyzers combine superior performance capabilities with affordability. The intuitive touchscreen interface and built-in printer make these instruments easy to use and convenient. NEX QC Series elemental analyzers help maintain consistent product quality while keeping inventory costs in-balance and minimizing the chances of product rejection.

In-line, Real-time Si Coat Weight Profiling

Designed explicitly to meet the needs of challenging conditions found in silicone coating processes, the Rigaku NEX LS — a scanning Si coat weight process analyzer — helps maintain routine quality control. Featuring third-generation EDXRF technology, the NEX LS represents the next evolution of scanning process coatings analyzers for web applications.

For continuous monitoring and control, the NEX LS linear scanner provides real-time Si coat weight profiling of your process. The NEX LS consists of a measurement head mounted to a motorized frame, which carries the head back and forth across a moving web. Real-time data display as a graphical cross direction and machine direction profile. Users input basic information about samples, and the advanced NEX LS software supports all aspects of process control. Real-time scanning, for tighter process control tolerances, takes EDXRF technology for silicone coatings analysis to the next level.

NEX LS Analytical Head

In addition to real-time cross direction and machine direction profiles, user-defined recipes inclusive of scan speeds and subsecond measurement settings, advance roll reporting, and raw data logging are included for traceability and audits. Complete roll recording includes measurement value, date, time, length, product name, along with other information. Also included are web scan average and individual zone measurements.

NEX LS Full Scanning Analysis
NEX LS Fixed Analysis Positions

At-line & In-line Solutions for Si Coating Applications

  • Total solution for silicone release coaters
  • Silicone analysis on paper, clay coated paper, and thin film release liners
  • Proprietary silicone on clay coated paper algorithms
  • Converters – silicone on plastic or paper
  • Vacuum formed plastics – denesting silicone coatings
  • Specialty plastics
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